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Two men allegedly used yard sales to sell victims items
Ross Sweat
Ross Randolph Sweat

A pair of Gainesville men are accused of selling items purchased with a victim’s credit card at yard sales, police said.

Jacob Lawrence Barnes, 22, and Ross Randolph Sweat, 19, are charged with multiple counts of financial transaction card theft and credit card fraud by Oakwood Police.

They were both booked Saturday in to the Hall County Jail, where they remain.

Barnes is formerly from Winston, Ga., and Sweat is formerly of Murray, Ky.

Oakwood Police Sgt. Danny Sridej said the Hall County Sheriff’s Office crime suppression officers found the two suspects at a Fran Mar Drive residence “in the front yard having a yard sale.”

The Sheriff’s Office was working with Oakwood Police for suspected entering auto cases in North Hall. The pair were suspected in at least eight entering auto and burglary cases, according to authorities.

“We believe that the suspects were selling victims’ items and the items that were purchased from the store with the victim’s credit card and selling them at yard sales so they can make quick cash,” Sridej said.

A witness told police that they had “seen that house with yard sales every weekend,” Sridej said.

The pair face multiple charges of financial transaction card theft, credit card fraud, attempted identity theft and entering auto, Sridej said.

“(Sgt.) Danny Sridej and Hall County investigators found evidence belonging to several victims at the suspect’s residence,” Sridej wrote in a news release.

Anyone who suspects being a victim is asked to contact local law enforcement.

“A lot of victims don’t even know their stuff was taken,” Sridej said.

Sridej can be reached at 770-534-2364.