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TV18 government channel going off the air come 2019

TV 18, the Government Channel, is going away, starting Jan. 1.

Hall County and Gainesville announced Monday, Dec. 3, that its joint video production team will phase out cable broadcasts and move toward a more “online-driven video content model.”

“Over the past six months, we have been conducting surveys with residents to find out how they are consuming videos and what their preferences are when it comes to receiving information from their local government,” Hall spokeswoman Katie Crumley said.

“What we've learned is that typical cable service is evolving, and citizens have a desire for more online video content.”

As result, the local government access channel, currently only available on Charter, Comcast and AT&T U-Verse, will stop carrying the TV 18 signal at midnight Dec. 31.

“We are seeing stronger citizen engagement and viewership online, and this is an effort to meet more citizens where they are in order to keep them updated on the latest happenings within their local government,” Gainesville spokeswoman Nikki Perry said.

Crumley said all Hall County Board of Commissioners and Gainesville City Council meetings will continue to be recorded and be available for viewing on the respective government's website, and, as well as on both government’s social media pages.

“Our goal is to create timelier, relevant online video content for the citizens of this community,” Perry said. “We believe this new approach will allow us to do just that.”

Compiled from a Hall County-Gainesville press release. Stay tuned for more details.

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