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Truck company looking to build center in Oakwood
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A maker of heavy- and medium-duty trucks is looking at building a retail and service center on Thurmon Tanner Parkway in Oakwood.

The owners of a 7-acre parcel between Oakwood and Plainview roads are negotiating with Kenworth Trucking to buy the site, then build the center, which would be between 40,000 and 50,000 square feet in size, according to Oakwood paperwork.

“We are evaluating several options at this time, but a decision has not been made,” said Michelle Faul at MHC Kenworth headquarters in Kansas City.

The potential development came up at an Oakwood City Council meeting earlier this month, as city officials pondered a change to the “access management plan” for Thurmon Tanner.

As part of its plans of how the city might look in 2030, Oakwood has developed a concept of access points along the four-lane corridor between Plainview and Mundy Mill roads.

The plan, approved in October 2008, shows two signalized intersections, four median breaks and three curb cuts.

On behalf of the owners, Clark Construction Management of Gainesville requested a median cut “in order to safely have trucks enter (the) site.”

“The proposed median cut does not meet the standard design in regards to distance between median cuts, but (it) is located equally between the two existing median cuts to give the best design possible,” states the application.

“Having the median cut will allow for trucks to come out of the site and safely turn south onto Thurmon Tanner to access the interstate rather having to go north and make a U-turn at the median cut” at Thurmon Tanner and Commercial Court.

“I think this is a case that warrants a design exception,” City Manager Stan Brown told the council. “... And it would be the responsibility of the developer to make this median break happen.”

The city would inspect the work, making sure it meets Georgia Department of Transportation standards, he said.

Officials “don’t want to go crazy” with median breaks as development occurs on the parkway, but “this is a logical point,” Brown said.

The council promptly approved the request.

“Every time they sell one of those tractors, it’s $150,000, folks,” Mayor Lamar Scroggs said.

Thurmon Tanner Parkway was designed as a commercial and industrial corridor similar to Satellite Boulevard, which runs largely parallel to Interstate 85 in Gwinnett County.

In its entirety, Thurmon Tanner runs between Phil Niekro Boulevard in Flowery Branch to Ga. 13/Atlanta Highway near Interstate 985.

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