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Traffic changes being considered for this busy Flowery Branch area
Railroad Avenue at Lights Ferry Road
Railroad Avenue at Lights Ferry Road is a traffic trouble spot in Flowery Branch, one that city officials may fix by at least eliminating left turns from Railroad onto Lights Ferry. - photo by Jeff Gill

A Flowery Branch street popular for festivals and the weekly farmer’s market also is a traffic trouble spot and one that city officials are looking to resolve.

The main issue with Railroad Avenue is making left turns onto Lights Ferry Road, a busy road that leads to Interstate 985.

Officials have mentioned making Railroad Avenue, which runs between Lights Ferry and Chattahoochee Street and crosses Main Street, a one-way street as part of an overall plan that included closing the Norfolk Southern Railroad crossing on Chattahoochee.

The crossing was closed in February, and so officials are now focusing on what to do with Railroad Avenue. The talk had been allowing motorists to travel only from Lights Ferry Road to Main Street.

City Manager Bill Andrew brought the matter up to Flowery Branch City Council on Thursday, May 16, asking if he should bring back more defined plans.

“Another option would be to make (Railroad) two-way and just having a right turn only onto Lights Ferry, as opposed to having just the one way,” Councilman Joe Anglin said.

“I would like to see the pros and cons for both (options),” Mayor Mike Miller said.

Andrew told the council, “We could draw up some different scenarios.”

Officials have said Chattahoochee’s closing and addressing Railroad Avenue are part of an overall effort to improve traffic flow over the city’s other, busier railroad crossings at Lights Ferry and Spring Street.