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The Local Agenda: City, county work sessions have busy agendas set
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Work sessions are scheduled this week by the Gainesville City Council and Hall County Board of Commissioners.

The county commissioners plan to meet today at 2:30 p.m. for an executive session, which allows members to talk in a closed meeting rather than an open meeting if the discussion falls into one of the exemptions allowed under the Open Meetings Act.

County officials declined to give the exemption for the session Monday, saying it will be announced before the session begins.

The work session is scheduled to start at 3 p.m.

The agenda starts with a proposal to amend local law to include a new alcohol license to allow consumption on property that has a banquet hall facility and a food catering license.

The members will also consider accepting several grant awards, including $139,104 from the Georgia Criminal Justice Coordinating Council for the county’s drug court.

One topic likely to be of considerable interest to county residents is the government’s proposal to charge residential customers sewer fees based on usage rather than a flat monthly rate of $42.

The board tabled the resolution at its last meeting.

Changing the sewer fee structure is expected to be discussed again at the board’s public meeting Thursday evening.

The agenda also lists a previously tabled acknowledgment and consent to conditional assignment of a lease and several administrative matters, including a financial status report for the first quarter and a follow-up discussion on local preference bidders.

The Gainesville City Council work session, scheduled for 9:00 a.m. Thursday, will deal with administrative issues, including worker’s compensation self-insurance and two budget reappropriation adjustments, one for the 2013 fiscal year and the other regarding the first quarter.

Council members recently announced new appointments to the Friends of the Parks, a nonprofit cultural, educational and recreational resource.

Erika Walker was appointed to replace Sally Meadors, and Gina Miller replaced Ben Hawkins. Glenn Austin and Dennis Ingle were appointed.

Several members of the city’s planning and appeals board were reappointed, including George Hokayem, Dexter Stanley, Jane Fleming and John Synder.

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