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Testimony: Response to escort ad led to armed robbery

A man responding to an escort ad would months later be lured to an alleged armed robbery, according to an investigator’s testimony Monday.

Damon Jackson, 21, and Jennifer Luna-Flores, 19, both of Oakwood, appeared in Magistrate Court. Both were previously charged with armed robbery by Oakwood Police.

Jackson had not hired an attorney as of Monday morning, and he waived his hearing.

Investigator Todd Templeton said the victim had months earlier responded to an ad for an escort, but they did not meet at that time.

“He received a message from that number that he had previously texted indicating that the escort was available to meet,” Templeton said.

The victim drove on Nov. 29 to Oakwood Hills Drive, where Luna-Flores allegedly opened the passenger side door and sat, Templeton said.

The investigator told the court Jackson shortly thereafter came to the car, told Luna-Flores to get out and pulled out a gun.

Jackson then allegedly told the man to drive to an ATM, according to warrants.

As the victim approached the Big Lots parking lot on Browns Bridge Road, he spotted two Gainesville Police officers and drove toward them.

“He said at that point the offender, Mr. Damon Jackson, opened his car door (and) threw the handgun out of the vehicle as they approached the Gainesville (Police) officers,” Templeton said.

Templeton said Luna-Flores was later brought in for police questioning.
“In my interview with her, she admitted that prior to the meeting with this victim that there was another victim who came to the apartment to meet her for the purposes of thinking he was going to have sex with her for money,” Templeton said.

Luna-Flores’ attorney argued her client did not know of any plan for violence or that a gun would be used.

The judge sent the case to Superior Court as party to a crime of armed robbery.

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