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Testimony: Baby shower card game led to violence
Man accused of firing gun, other assault charges
Saul Garcia

A Gainesville man facing multiple counts of aggravated assault at a baby shower denied the allegations Thursday in Magistrate Court.

Saul Garcia, 29, took the stand during a committal hearing, where he was facing seven counts of aggravated assault brought by the Hall County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators said Garcia drove a car Aug. 21 toward someone holding a 1-year-old child and fired a gun at another person standing in a crowd.

Deputy Shon Atkins testified about witnesses telling authorities about an argument that took place while they were playing cards.

Attorney Arturo Corso cross-examined the deputy on the incident, which allegedly took place on the 2800 block of Old Flowery Branch Road two months ago.

The deputy said no one was struck by bullets, and no bullet holes were found in the area near the tented baby shower.

When taking the stand, Garcia said he was invited to the baby shower and saw others playing cards.

“I hopped in and started playing,” he said.

After rounds of winning, Garcia said the players started using “sloppy words,” meaning curse words and vulgarities.

As he attempted to leave the game and get into his car, Garcia testified that three men followed him to his Cadillac SRX where his wife and children were waiting.

“They started throwing punches at me through the window,” the man testified.

During his testimony, Atkins drew his recollection of the Cadillac’s back window on the court’s dry-erase board. A large section on the driver side and a smaller part on the passenger’s side was missing. The defendant drew his own version in a different color.

Garcia denied firing a gun and said he didn’t own one. Garcia’s wife also testified to not seeing him with a firearm.

During his arguments, Garcia claimed the logic of the state’s case to be “absurd” to think that Garcia would fire a gun with “three children directly in the line of fire.”

The judge sent the case on to Superior Court.

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