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Testimony: Armed robbery suspect took Burger King cash in to-go bag
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Gainesville Police Department investigator Brad Raper testifies Friday during the committal hearing for Delottai Davis at the Hall County Magistrate Court in Gainesville. Davis was accused of aggravated assault and armed robbery stemming from an incident May 11 at the Pearl Nix Parkway Burger King in Gainesville. - photo by Erin O. Smith

A Gainesville Police investigator testified Friday about a Burger King armed robbery at closing time in May, where the suspect allegedly took $2,800 in a to-go bag.

Delottai Mykel Davis, 26, appeared Friday in Magistrate Court on charges of armed robbery and aggravated assault.

Gainesville Police Investigator Brad Raper said Davis and the victim were both employees at the Pearl Nix Parkway Burger King.

“He came up behind her and took a serrated knife that they use there to cook with in the back, and put it to her neck,” Raper said.

The investigator testified the suspect allegedly had the employee take the money she was counting and put it into a to-go bag. The cash totalled $2,800.

Davis is then accused of walking the victim to the cooler and having her kneel down inside.

“She was later able to escape and discovered that he had taken a broom from the kitchen and propped it under the door, I guess, in an attempt to barricade the door and keep her in the cooler,” Raper said.

The victim told officers that Davis allegedly “needed the money since his grandfather had just died.”

When questioned by Davis’ attorney, Raper testified about some of the issues over the evidence. The surveillance video inside the restaurant was not working, and the knife allegedly used had been mixed in with the rest of the store’s equipment.

The case moved on to Superior Court.

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