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Syfan Logistics to expand, add 50 jobs
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Gainesville-based Syfan Logistics is in expansion mode, planning to hire about 50 people and spend about $2 million more by the end of this year.

Jim Syfan, founder of the business on Old Candler Road, said the jobs would pay $35,000 to $50,000.

“(Workers) have to be computer literate,” he said. “It’s fairly complicated. We handle a lot of freight for a lot of people.”

Syfan started another business, Turbo Transport, in 1980, and grew it to about $137 million in annual revenue before selling in 2006.

After a five-year noncompete agreement ended in 2011, the Syfan family started a new business.

“We started with 37 (employees,” he said, “ and now we’re up to 118.

“In three years, we’re close to $100 million in revenue,” Syfan said. “It took us 19 years the first time” to hit that mark.

Many of the older company’s clients are now working with the new company, he said.

“That makes you feel good,” Syfan said.

“We have the permits and plans for our next expansion,” he said. With the cost of that expansion expected to exceed $2 million, Syfan said, “We’re investing heavily in our community.”

The expansion will accommodate a 300 percent increase in freight volume since the start of 2014. The company is undertaking new construction as well as adding computers and other office equipment.

The company is spending over $2 million on new trucks, and purchasing more than 25 new trailers to handle the increased freight.

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