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Surf Web for Gainesville's bench, probation warrants
Police hope community can help clear up cases
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If there is a probation or bench warrant with your name on it in Gainesville, you might find it on the city’s Web site.

Gainesville police have begun posting bench and probation warrants at in an effort to clean up a caseload that they say ranges from 1,400 to 1,600 warrants.

The department has two full-time officers who are responsible for those warrants, which are issued when someone does not show up to court to answer to a misdemeanor charge or does not follow the conditions of their probation.

Publication of outstanding warrants will allow the community to help police locate people with outstanding warrants. The city does not advise residents to attempt to detain those on the list, but instead encourages people who recognize a name on the list to notify police of a person’s whereabouts or, at the least, let the person know they have a warrant.

"It’s always helpful when you have additional assistance from the community," Officer Scott Davenport said in a news release.

Davenport posted the names of 50 people with probation or bench warrants in the city. The officer said there are far more than 50, but the city’s Web site limits the number he can post.

The city announced the publication of warrants in the news release Thursday morning. By midafternoon, Davenport said the department already had been able to locate two people.

For more information, call Davenport at 770-538-2497.

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