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Sunday storms packing high winds hit northwest Hall, cause damage
Amanda Rentschler surveys storm damage to her property off Arrowhead Drive in northwest Hall County Sunday, Aug. 12, 2018. - photo by Jeff Gill

A storm smacked Arrowhead and Lake Ranch drives off Lake Lanier Sunday afternoon, knocking down trees and damaging at least a couple of homes.

No one was injured as the Aug. 12 thunderstorm brought high winds, heavy rain and lightning to the northwest Hall County neighborhood. The mid-afternoon storm also hit Gainesville and included pea-sized hail.

Amanda Rentschler’s house on Arrowhead took the brunt of the storm, with tall trees ripping off part of a two-story deck and stairwell.

She said she was getting her son out of the bathtub when the storm struck.

“I went into his bedroom and saw the wind was blowing really hard,” Rentschler said. “I came into the living room and looked out the window and saw our patio furniture go flying across the porch.”

She and her family huddled in the bathroom until the storm passed.

“When we came out, we noticed that, between the front and back yards, we had about 20 trees down, and our porch had collapsed,” Rentschler said.

Patricia Atwell, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, hadn’t heard about the storm but said thunderstorm warnings were out for the area Sunday afternoon.

Based on the damage in that area, winds could have been 45-50 mph, she said.