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Students out of school fashion makeshift sleds for a fun day in snow
Slopes had thin cover in some places but just enough for snowy fun
Dan and Breanna Rogers warm their hands on a portable propane heater while playing outside in the snow Thursday morning with children Daniel, 7, and Kayla, 10, at their home on Campground Road just over the Hall-White county line.

School was out and snow was on the ground, so people in Hall County were ready to have some fun Thursday.

Despite the thin coat of snow on the ground Thursday morning in Gainesville, a few families could be seen on trash can lids and homemade sleds sliding down hills at City Park.

“We brought about 10 kids out here to play,” said Jeremy Kemp, Gainesville High School baseball coach, who brought his children with his wife, Tess Kemp.

Friends Taylor and Jeremy Gilmer joined them to watch the kids sled down the City Park hills. Kemp said for some of their children, this was a rare opportunity to enjoy the snow.

“I have a 5-year-old who only saw that one good snow last year,” Kemp said. “That’s the only snow he’d seen.”

Farther to the north, heavier snowfall meant more people out enjoying the day off.

The University of North Georgia’s Dahlonega campus was busy despite canceled classes. Students and families gathered around the Lipp Livsey Drill Field in the center of campus, building snowmen and sliding down the steep hills leading to the field.

“We had to do some work at our business, Dahlonega Funeral Home,” Claire McDonald said. “But we heard the snow was good at the college, so we came up for two reasons.”

McDonald said she and some friends brought their children and a few neighborhood children up to the campus with makeshift sleds. Many university students did the same, using inner tubes, trash can lids and more.

“We’ve got trash bags and a broken sled,” said Jordan Lee, freshman at North Georgia. Lee was joined by her friends Lathem Armour, Saucey Dalton and Caitlyn Boyd.

Armour said most people in Dahlonega were enjoying the snow as it came down Wednesday night.

“There were tons of people out here sledding,” she said. “More than today. It’s just cold and muddy now.”

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