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Statewide burn ban will end Saturday
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A statewide summer burn ban will be lifted Saturday, allowing Gainesville residents to conduct controlled burns, but with stipulations.

Residents will be required to obtain a permit before they can conduct a controlled burn.

The ban, which began in May, was in effect to maintain air quality because summer months usually see a decrease in air quality because of increased smog.

Anybody wishing to obtain a burn permit should call the Gainesville Fire Department and request a permit. The fire marshal will then inspect the property and make sure it's suited for a controlled burn.

Acceptable materials to burn include grass, leaves and small storm debris. Items not permitted include building materials, furniture, plastic, clothing, rubber or tires, newspapers, household garbage and boxes.

The city of Gainesville also has a service to dispose of yard debris.

Burning can only be conducted during daylight and must be 50 feet from any structure and 50 feet from all property lines.

Permits are only good for a single day and additional permits would be required for additional burns.

Cooking fires are permitted without a permit, but they must be contained in a 3-foot-by-3-foot approved fire pit.

Anybody burning without a permit or not following any of the requirements could face up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine.