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Snow a mixed bag for residents
Brenau University students Teresa Henderson, left, and Maegan Mercer-Bourne on Thursday stop by Inman Perk in downtown Gainesville to escape from the snow and cold. - photo by BRANDEE A. THOMAS

Snow. For children, it is the stuff of dreams; but adults tend to think of it with ambivalence.

“It’s never been a good memory for me. The first time that I can remember seeing snow was when I was, like, 5. I was all excited, rushed outside to dig some up and all I got was mud,” said Teresa Henderson, a 22-year-old Brenau University student, who is originally from Decatur.

“We don’t get good snow here. Good snow is like what they have in New York where it’s fluffy and piles up. Here, it’s too wet.”

For Maegan Mercer-Bourne, the unexpected snow was a welcome treat.

“I’m excited. Today is my birthday, and it is snowing,” said Mercer-Bourne, who is also a 22-year-old Brenau student.

“It hasn’t snowed on my birthday since I was born.”

While the snow began to slowly make little piles outside, the students were enjoying warm beverages with friends, fellow Brenau students Molly Meeks and Anna Boynton, at Inman Perk Coffee on Washington Street on the downtown square.

As usual whenever there is inclement weather, the crowd inside the coffee house was pretty steady.

“Whenever the weather is bad, people tend to come in and stay a while,” said Shannon Weeks, shop manager.

Snow was the last thing Weeks, a native of Honduras, expected to see Thursday.

“I’m very excited about the snow,” said 18-year-old Weeks.

“My little brother gave me a snow hat just in case it snowed, and I’m glad he did.”

Even though there wasn’t enough snow Thursday afternoon to build a snowman, the weather still provided the students with the opportunity to enjoy the freedom of being kids again.

“I’m excited that it is finally snowing,” said Boynton, 22. “Classes are canceled for (Friday), so I’ll probably sleep in late and read.”

While the snow led some businesses to close early, as many people wanted to get home and out of the snow and chill, Jon Cook preferred to sit outside on Inman Perk’s covered porch and read a good book.

“I don’t know — it’s just not that cold to me, and I’m from Arizona,” said Cook, who has lived in Gainesville for four months.
“I haven’t really experienced it before, but it wasn’t that cold. Nasty and wet, but not cold.”