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Shrubs stolen from Braselton office
Police hope video will help lead to men
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A Braselton orthodontics office is missing a few items after an incident in May. It’s not high-dollar equipment, cash or even electronics — it’s shrubbery.

Ron Wilson of Wilson Orthodontics said two suspects stole about $1,200 in plants early one morning last month at his office on Spout Springs Road in Braselton. Wilson filed a police report when he discovered the missing shrubs about a week after they were taken.

The 10 plants, laurels and Indian hawthorns, were planted recently as the location only opened six weeks ago.

“Most people probably would not report it, but it came down just to the principle of the theft for me,” Wilson said.

“And so my first reaction was just to make a humorous video about the robbery. ... The chances of these people ever being caught are probably slim to none, but I figured if we just got it out in all areas of the media, that someone might recognize them and keep it from happening again.”

The video includes surveillance footage of the building and shows a white truck circling the office before pulling up to the curb and a man getting out. The man wiggles a few plants from the ground and throws them in the back of his truck. Later he’s seen again with another man and they load more plants into the truck.

Braselton Police Chief Terry Esco said the department has no leads but is hopeful the media attention the video is getting will lead to the suspects.

Wilson said the office plans to replace the landscaping.

“We will eventually replace them,” he said. “We’ll have to. Holes in the ground aren’t very attractive.”


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