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Sheriffs Office sergeant ties own tire flipping record in charity event
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Brandon Bentley and Maclane Bentley, 5, speak with Hall County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Greg Cochran after he attempted to break his world record of 205 tire flips in an hour Saturday during Tire to Inspire at Chestatee High School. Funds raised from the event benefited the Georgia Sheriff’s Youth Homes and Chestatee High School’s Community Service Program. - photo by Erin O. Smith

Sgt. Greg Cochran attempted to break his own world record Saturday for most tire flips in one hour using a 555-pound tire at the “Tire to Inspire” event hosted by the Hall County Sheriff’s Office and Chestatee High School.

Cochran originally planned to flip the tire once for each of the 223 members of the Chestatee High School Band.

Though he fell a bit short of that goal, Cochran was pleased with the outcome of the event.

“I feel OK,” said Cochran. “About six or seven minutes out, we knew I wasn’t going to break the record or If I did, it would be by one.”

Over course of an hour, Cochran flipped the massive tire 205 times, tying his own world record, with seven flips in the last minute.

Above all, the event was for and about the kids of Hall County. According to Cochran, Chestatee students were instrumental in planning and preparing for his tire flip.

“They are so artistic and so involved,” said Cochran, “They created all the flyers, and really they marketed it.”

The funds raised by this event will be split between Georgia Sheriff’s Youth Homes and the Chestatee High Community Service Program.

Cochran said last year’s raised about $2,500-$3,000 for the Georgia Sheriff’s Youth Home. He said low overhead of such events make them worthy fundraisers.

“You don’t have to pay a 5K (road race) company to come in,” he said.  “You just make what you make.”

Hall County Sheriff Gerald Couch said holding the event in the Chestatee gym was a better venue than last year’s held in a store parking lot.

“Having it at the school drives home the connection between community and fitness, promoting fitness locally,” Couch said.

As great a feat of strength as this even was, Cochran pins the success of managing such a task on endurance and strategy. “When people ask me what this is like, I tell to imagine doing four pull-ups on the minute every minute for an hour,” he said.

Cochran holds multiple world records, including one for Most 50-Foot Truck Pulls In One Hour While Seated he broke in 2011, and the current tire flip record he broke in 2010 and again in 2014.

Cochran held his first fundraiser in 2010, when he broke his first world record.

“After that we started with truck pulls and little 20-30-minute demos, and this all grew from that,” said Cochran.

With his next event later this year, Cochran wants to raise the ante: He will abandon the 555-pound tire and flip an 800-pounder for half an hour.

“I broke my first record at 40 and now here I am at 45,” Cochran said.

The event had something for all ages, with a “mini-tire flip station” and face painting for kids, food and a musical performance by the Chestatee High band. Cochran will hold another event later in the year.

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