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Sentencing set for 2 former Hall Sheriff's Office employees in federal court
Herring, Treadwell to face sentence hearings Sept. 4
David Treadwell
David Treadwell

Two former Hall County Sheriff’s Office employees will have sentencing hearings in federal court next month.

Former jailer Austin Herring, 19, of Murrayville, and former Deputy David Treadwell, 33, of Gainesville, will have sentencing on Sept. 4.

Both entered guilty pleas on May 12 in separate cases, Herring for attempting to possess cocaine with intent to distribute and Treadwell for accepting bribes.

“Few crimes are as reprehensible as those committed by officers who violate the very laws they are sworn to uphold,” Hall County Sheriff Gerald Couch previously said in a statement. “The actions of David Treadwell and Austin Herring undermines the efforts of all law enforcement that honorably perform their duties.”

Treadwell was accused of accepting payments from a believed drug dealer of $200 or $300 on five separate occasions in 2014. The payments, according to the indictment, were for Treadwell to inform the supposed drug dealer if “the Hall County Sheriff’s Office was investigating (the drug dealer) for possession of marijuana.”

Treadwell pleaded guilty to accepting bribes and was fired on Jan. 30 from the sheriff’s office.

According to federal investigators, Herring was accused of smuggling what he believed to be cocaine into the Hall County Jail. Herring, according to the indictment, allegedly accepted $500 on two occasions to take the ruse cocaine and deliver it to an inmate.

Herring pleaded guilty to attempting to possess cocaine with intent to distribute and was fired on Feb. 20 from the sheriff’s office.

Herring was later ordered to forfeit the $1,000 to the federal government.

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