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Senior found his place at Lanier Christian Academy
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Lex Parker - photo by Erin O. Smith

Lex Parker was the new kid in his junior year at Lanier Christian Academy.

Parker said transferring to a smaller school from North Hall High School was his biggest obstacle thus far.

“I wanted a better opportunity to play basketball. I was on varsity at North Hall, but I just felt unappreciated and not treated fairly, so I left,” Parker said.

Moving during his junior year was a big leap, but one he is glad he took.

“The atmosphere on each campus was very different,” Parker said.

Going from a school with almost 500 people in his class to one with only 200 enrolled altogether was a challenge.

“I think I’ve adjusted very well and have made many friends,” he said. “It was a struggle at first being the new kid, but I definitely think I overcame the adversity.”

In fact, Parker made enough friends that he was voted prom king by his peers.

“It was a pretty cool experience,” he said. “It was something I wasn’t expecting.”

His proudest moment wasn’t becoming prom king, however. He was most excited to be chosen for Youth Leadership Hall, which is a program of the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce that pulls from select juniors and seniors in every school in Hall County.

“It teaches us different skills of leadership to help us become future leaders in our community,” Parker said. “We do a bunch of different activities throughout the year to help develop our leadership skills.”

Parker said he was honored to be chosen after his interview and application process.

“Not everyone gets accepted,” he said. “For me, being one of the select few to be accepted into the program is one of my highest achievements.”

Parker plans to pursue a marketing or business degree at the University of North Georgia.

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