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SAT scores inch up locally
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Hall County and Gainesville schools have seen a slight uptick in their SAT scores this year, but scores remain lower than state and national averages.

Gainesville’s composite score was up 3 points, from 1364 last year to 1367 this year. Hall’s composite score rose 14 points, from 1399 to 1413. The average composite score for the state of Georgia was 1445. The national average in 2013, the most recent available, was 1497.

The maximum score on the SAT is 2400, with three test areas in reading, math and writing counting for up to 800 points each.

In Gainesville, the composite score increased, but scores in math and writing dropped. In writing, scores dropped four points, from 450 in 2013 to 446 in 2014. Math scores dropped by two points, from 461 to 459.

Reading scores in Gainesville rose by nine points from 453 to 462.

In Hall County, scores rose slightly in all three test areas, from 474 to 480 in reading, from 471 to 476 in math and from 454 to 457 in writing.

The local increase in composite scores is in contrast to the statewide trend, where the average composite score fell by seven points over last year. Scores fell by a few points in every tested area.

Gainesville was 26 points below the state average on all three tests, while Hall was eight points below the state average in reading, four points below in math and five points below in writing.

School officials with both districts did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The highest scoring school in Gainesville or Hall County was North Hall High School, which had an average composite score of 1552. The lowest average composite score was 1327 at Johnson High School.

North Hall had the highest scores in either district for every tested area. Johnson had the lowest scores for writing and math, and East Hall High School had the lowest score for reading.

North Hall was the only school in either district to exceed the national average for composite scores. All of the other schools for which scores were reported had scores below both the national and state averages, but North Hall exceeded the national average by 55 points and exceeded the state average by 107 points. Its average exceeded that of the next highest-scoring school in either district, Flowery Branch High School, by 115 points.

The number of students taking the test in both districts also rose slightly this year. A total of 218 graduating seniors took the test in Gainesville this year, and 207 took it last year. In Hall, 974 students were tested this year and 920 last year. Participation was also up statewide, with 73,626 taking the test this year, up from 72,119 last year.

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