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Road repairs, routine maintenance continue in Hall County
Rolling closures, delays expected for commuters
Works continues on the Jerry Jackson Bridge on Ga. 53 West on Monday morning as crews paint the bridge, as well as prepare for resurfacing. The project is expected to be completed by the end of June at a construction cost of $2.9 million.

Motorists may experience slight traffic delays throughout Hall County this week as road crews close lanes for repairs and routine maintenance.

The Georgia Department of Transportation has a slew of projects underway on the city’s major arteries, DOT spokesman Mohamed Arafa said in an email Monday.

For travelers headed toward downtown Gainesville on Browns Bridge Road, a rolling lane closure is happening in the eastbound lanes for routine maintenance work.

“Our maintenance crews are crack sealing or as some engineers call  it ‘rubberizing’ this section of roadway. This process applies a melted rubber material to the surface of the road where it is cracked,” Arafa wrote in an email. “Sealing the crack prolongs the life of the road by keeping the water out. The section of roadway is about 3.4 miles long and is five lanes wide in most areas. With some cooperation from Mother Nature, we hope to complete this work by the end of next week.”

For residents heading to Dawsonville, they will experience delays in the westbound lanes of Ga. 53. The bridge is undergoing rehabilitation with a contract completion date of June 30, Arafa said.

And for motorists headed to Jackson County on Ga. 11/U.S. 129, the lanes are being widened, he said.

DOT is also resurfacing two sections of Ga. 60 and one section of Ga. 11. On Ga. 60, the state is resurfacing the roadway between Ga. 11 and Ga. 11 Business, as well as between Ga. 53 Connector and Ga. 11/Ga. 369. On Ga. 11, the resurfacing is happening between Monroe Drive and Ga. 369.

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