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Road Atlanta worker killed during motorcycle race
Road Atlanta

A worker was killed during a weekend motorcycle race at the Road Atlanta track in Braselton in South Hall.

Road Atlanta spokeswoman Kelsi Nilsson confirmed the incident, calling Hazel Harrell’s death “a terrible tragedy,” but didn’t give further details.

Speed Sport, a motorsport news website, cited multiple sources saying Harrell, 60, was struck by a motorcycle that was competing as part of Saturday afternoon’s WERA Cycle Jam. She died as a result of her injuries.

“She was a fixture at Road Atlanta and has been volunteering there for 15 years,” Speed Sport states. “She could often be found at turn 7 on event weekends.”

Hall County Fire Services did not send emergency responders to the scene, spokesman Capt. Zachary Brackett said.

“Road Atlanta utilizes private (emergency) services for its operation,” he said. “We respond there if needed, at their request.”

Nilsson said “we're all heartbroken” over the incident.

A statement from the track says: "We at Road Atlanta are devastated to confirm the passing of one of our own, Hazel Harrell, this weekend.

“A member of the Road Atlanta family for nearly two decades, we will miss her sorely. Our deepest condolences go out to her family and friends and the entire racing community that knew and loved her."

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