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Road Atlanta prepping glamping event next June
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Road Atlanta is preparing to a host a high-end “glamping” event next June, replete with live music, car exhibitions, food vendors and other upscale amenities.

Car-camping and RV sites will be available at the track during the three-day event.

“This is a very high-end motorsports, car-themed event,” said Geoff Lee, president and general manager of Road Atlanta.

There will be no racing, but test drives of “the Bentley, Aston-Martin, the BMW, the Audi, the Ferrari, the Lamborghini” will be available, Lee said.

The target demographic is individuals and families earning in excess of $350,000 annually, or the kind of people who own private jets, Lee said.

“These are the people we would like to have come to our county and sample things,” he added. “It’s the Gucci set, per se.”

Shopping, five-star meals catering to the likes of television’s Iron Chef and mingling areas with jazz music are scheduled.

Live music could include such big-name acts as Kenny Chesney or The Eagles, Lee said.

Attendance is capped at 12,500 and the cost remains undetermined.  

Lee said plans include law enforcement and private security to keep out the “rebel rousers.”  

Lee said he’s keeping his word to local officials, who once told him about events at Road Atlanta, “Never will you do what you did in the 1970s … where we had naked, drugged-out people walking up and down Highway 53.”

The Hall County Board of Commissioners plans to sign off on a special business license for the event this Thursday. The event is scheduled for June 23-25.

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