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Revised property tax notices going out Friday for those who appealed
About 2,800 appeals made after values increased on thousands of commercial properties
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Hall County will mail revised property tax assessment notices on Friday, the next stage in a lengthy appeals process.

About 2,800 appeals were made during a 45-day period between mid-April and early June, with 1,251 coming from commercial and industrial properties, the main focus of reassessments this year.

The remainder came from residential properties.

By comparison, lakefront homes were targeted for reassessment in 2014, driving up values and taxes owed on about nine in 10 properties and prompting more than 5,000 appeals.

Hall County properties are assessed at 40 percent of their value for tax purposes and assessments are based on sales and “fair market value.” One mill equals $1 of tax on every $1,000 of taxable value.

Prior to the start of the appeals process this year, more than 3,000 commercial and industrial properties increased in assessed value by less than or equal to 50 percent.

Another 1,161 increased in assessed value by more than or equal to 51 percent.

Meanwhile, about 8,600 residential properties increased in assessed value by less than or equal to 50 percent, while another 2,363 increased in assessed value by more than equal to 51 percent.

After the first wave of appeals, the average property assessment for all properties decreased by 24 percent, according to Chief Tax Appraiser Steve Watson.

Residential properties fell 21 percent, and commercial and industrial properties assessments are down 27 percent, on average.

About 65 percent of all appeals, or 1,864 properties, will soon receive a revised notice and property owners will have 30 days to file another appeal.

Property owners still not satisfied can then file an appeal with the state Board of Equalization.

About 12 percent of appeals have been resolved, thus far, and another 12 percent have already been forwarded to the Board of Equalization for review.

A decision remains for nearly 300 appeals.


Hall County property tax assessment appeals

1,864 appeals will receive a revised notice

342 appeals have been resolved

351 appeals have been forwarded to the state Board of Equalization

288 appeals await a decision

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