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Residents tour proposed Cherokee Bluffs Park
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South Hall County Commissioner Craig Lutz leads a group of area residents Saturday down a hill toward a pond and bluffs at the undeveloped Cherokee Bluffs Park. - photo by NAT GURLEY

Hall County officials gave curious residents tours of the expanse of land for the developing Cherokee Bluffs Park in Flowery Branch.

Hall County Commissioner Craig Lutz, with the help of Parks and Recreation Director Mike Little, led most of the Saturday afternoon tours of the vista views and bluffs that would have otherwise been closed to the public.

“A lot of people have said they wish there was more access to the land now,” Lutz said, adding issues with vandalism couldn’t allow more open hours for the time being.

The tours were both to benefit the public and county officials, who took in feedback from residents.

“Whose up for the big hike?” Lutz asked the group, leading the crowd of four up a small, steep trail that came up to a rocky overlook with a view.

Lutz listened closely as South Hall resident Bonnie Maxson voiced her concern about preserving wildlife habitats in the land.

“Our goal is for this to be a low-impact park,” he said in response.

Possible park amenities could be catch-and-release fishing, a nature center and historical site information.

“This is an area rich in history,” Lutz said, noting that historical experts had said the rock formations of the bluffs provided shelter in the settlement era of the country.

More than anything, Lutz is just pleased to see progress on a project seven years in the making.

“This was promised to the area quite some time ago,” he said. “I’m excited that it’s getting some traction.”

At minimum, the park will have bathrooms and well water, although Lutz has greater plans in mind for the space.
With enough funding through a grant, he expressed hope that trails could eventually connect the park to William Mill Greenspace, a nearby 48-acre county park.

He said an amphitheater was another goal, “although I don’t what size,” he added.

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