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Residents report seeing bald eagle in Wahoo Creek area
Kevin Deweese snapped this photo of a bald eagle in the Wahoo Creek area of Lake Lanier.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources recently documented a successful bald eagle nest on Lake Lanier in the northern part of Hall County. Dave Rizk of Gainesville was out with friends when they spotted a bald eagle in the Wahoo Creek area.

“We were in our boat and we’ve actually seen them several times,” he said. “... it’s got a favorite place where it hunts and lands in that area and eats its fish.”

Rizk said he and friends Kevin Deweese and wife Stacy have seen the bird for the last three weekends.

“... Stacy would whistle and the bird would pop its head up and look around,” Rizk said. “So we were able to get a couple good shots from her bird calling.”

Rick Lavender with the Department of Natural Resources said there have been reports of bald eagles in the Lake Lanier area before, but this is the first confirmed active nest.

He also noted that there sometimes is confusion between bald eagles and ospreys, which also can be found on the lake.

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