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Residents have variety of reasons for hitting gym in 2017
Chris Berryman, part owner, lifts weights Wednesday at RISE Athletic Club in Oakwood. Various gyms around Hall County offer fitness classes, nutrition programs and more. - photo by Erin O. Smith

She had started working out again after an extended break when she was pregnant. She has worked out off and on for years, but wanted to get back into shape after having her child.

Her parents bought her a three-month membership at the Falcon Fitness gym in Flowery Branch for Christmas, but since then she’s had a hard time getting herself to the gym.

Annemarie Herford, who is a personal trainer and co-owns RISE Athletic Club in Oakwood, said the one of the ways to keep on track is to pick a gym that fits what you need.

“Each have their own unique qualities,” she said.

She suggests considering why you are joining a gym. Once you find your why, it’s just a matter of seeing which gym will provide the best environment for you, Herford said.

RISE Athletic Club is geared toward all people, including those who are more serious about working out, and includes around 100 worldwide athletes on its roster.

“We program nutrition and workout programs for the goal they want to achieve, whether bodybuilding, football, soccer, running marathons, swimming or just to get healthy,” Herford said.

For those who are more new to the workout world, Herford said they have machines made for people who don’t exercise as much.

“Our personal trainers work mostly with those who are just starting out in the gym,” she said.

Ben Thomason, of Gainesville, is one of many that used the start of the new year to motivate himself.

“A new start is always good,” he said.

In order to get himself back to his old, 130-pound self, he has set a goal of getting at least one hour logged on the treadmill every day.

His gym is located in his apartment complex, so he doesn’t have far to travel.

Liz Jenkins, who lives in Oakwood, travels back and forth at least three times a week from the Planet Fitness in Gainesville to the location in Lawrenceville.

She chose the gym because of the ability to use any of the gym’s many locations, as wella as the cleanliness and affordability.

“I’ve been going every day during college break. Classes reduce the amount of days I have available,” Jenkins said.

She’s been working out steadily for years and credits working out to her overall mental health, as well as her physical health.

“(Working out) makes me feel good and helps my mind,” she said.