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Residents emerge as cold, snowy week gives way to sunny, warm weekend
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Erik Gomez, left, and Allan Thomas talk about the weather Saturday in front of Atlas Pizza on the downtown square. - photo by NAT GURLEY

After digging out from a snowstorm at the beginning of the week that closed businesses and schools, Gainesville residents looked to take advantage of Saturday’s springlike weather.

From the Gainesville square to parks across the area, residents were glad to be outdoors.

“We’re through with the snow,” said Teresa Williams. “I’m loving it (being out of the house). Oh my God, I love it. It is so wonderful.”

Williams held a yard sale Saturday on Walker Street in Gainesville, which had a good turnout.

“We were hoping to have it this weekend and actually got to,” she said. “There was still a little snow at the bottom (of the yard) near the mailbox. We actually got down here, started sliding the snow to get it to leave so we could have our yard sale.”

Williams said her grandchildren, Neveah Roper, 5, and Colton Roper, 2, weren’t as excited to see the snow melt because that means going back to school.

“I’m ready for warm weather. I’m ready for it to be spring, pretty flowers come out and we can do something with our yard,” Williams said.

Temperatures Saturday topped out at 55 degrees, according to National Weather Service recording station at Lee Gilmer Memorial Airport.

Like Saturday, the forecast high for today is expected in the mid-50s and a 30 percent chance of rain, mainly after 4 p.m.

At Gainesville City Park, Margaret Henson and Linda Crawford enjoyed playing tennis in the nice weather.

“The snow is gone. It was nice while it lasted,” Henson said. “I’ve been dying to get out (of the house). I tried to come out and play on Thursday, and everything was dry but the edges.

“But everybody was still inside, but we certainly do appreciate this springtime weather.”

Crawford and Henson both said they try to get out every day when it’s 50 degrees or warmer to play tennis, but colder weather doesn’t bother them. They’ve even played in snow before.

“Down in the South, we do have such moderate weather. This stuff, where it’s freezing and snowing and then, springtime, is actually delightful for the South,” Henson said.

Gainesville High School tennis players Davis Brown, 17, and Jackson Fox, 15, were also playing, getting ready for the upcoming season.

“We need more snow,” Fox said. “I want it back.”

On the Gainesville square, friends Allan Thomas and Erik Gomez sat outside, enjoying the warm weather.

“I’m from New York, so I missed the snow and everything,” Gomez said. “First time seeing it in Georgia, it’s pretty amazing. It gets beautiful around here, but Georgia isn’t prepared for that kind of weather.

“It was nice to have snow, brings back memories of my (home) state.”

“Now that it’s starting to warm up, I’m going to start going mountain biking, probably do some rock climbing. Not quite warm enough for kayaking yet, though,” Thomas said.

At Laurel Park, folks brought their dogs to the dog park to not be confined inside a house.

“We brought our dogs out today so they could have a little run because they are house dogs,” said Stephen Cannon. “Decided to let them run and get some exercise and they are having a ball.”

Stephens called the weather and forecasting for the past week “confusing.”

“You don’t know how to dress in the mornings and you don’t know if you venture out to far if you’ll come back OK,” Stephens said.

Cannon said they were “absolutely” ready to be out of the house after the snowstorm.

“We were surprised they said 60s (for temperatures). I was just hoping for high-40s,” he said laughingly. “We are looking forward to spring a lot. We’re outdoor people. We want to do things. We don’t want to be inside. We’re real anxious.

“We have an RV...and this area is so pretty when the spring starts to bloom, that’s what we’re looking forward to.”