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Report: No traffic light or roundabout warranted at Cresswind entrance
A recent study says there’s not enough traffic to warrant a traffic light or roundabout at the main entrance to 700-home Cresswind at Lake Lanier on Browns Bridge Road/Ga. 369.

A recently completed traffic study shows neither a traffic light nor a roundabout is needed at Cresswind at Lake Lanier on Browns Bridge Road/Ga. 369.

Traffic numbers “indicate that all movements (at the intersection) perform acceptably during … peak hours, with the exception of the southbound left turn,” from Cresswind onto Ga. 369, the report states.

The study, conducted by Wilburn Engineering of Newnan, goes on to say that “sight distance was measured and was found to be adequate in both directions along” Ga. 369.

And most crashes at the intersection are rear-end collisions, “which would likely not be mitigated by a change in traffic control at the intersection,” the report states.

As for the roundabout, which is a growing trend in Hall, a side street should contribute at least 10 percent of the “total entering volume” of cars, and that standard isn’t met at the intersection, according to the report.

The $4,000 study was commissioned last year by Hall County, Gainesville and the active-adult community’s developer, Kolter Homes.

Residents had complained about the difficulty of entering and leaving the 700-home subdivision during school and rush-hour traffic.

One resident, Rita Petty, said she could see why a traffic light wouldn’t work at her subdivision entrance with the intersection so close to McEver Road.

“Traffic could get backed up because they’re so close together,” she said.

She said she believes extending the right-turn lane on Ga. 369 for westbound motorists and studying putting up a traffic light at Montgomery Drive might be a couple of other options.

Montgomery Drive is farther west on Ga. 369 and leads to another large section of
Cresswind homes.

“That would alleviate some of our problems of turning left (from the main entrance onto Ga. 369) because (a light) would hold up traffic,” Petty said.

A couple of years ago, as it began developing off Montgomery, Kolter did make improvements for internal traffic flow by extending Cresswind Parkway under Ga. 369 west of Montgomery.

The $2 million project, which included a new Ga. 369 bridge, was meant to connect two sections of the sprawling development, Kolter vice president Robert Rademacher said at the time.

Cresswind paid for the project’s design and construction.

Otherwise, no improvements are scheduled along Ga. 369’s heavily traveled, two-lane stretch between McEver Road and Forsyth County — other than replacing the bridge on Lake Lanier linking Hall and Forsyth.

Hall County Commissioner Billy Powell, who pushed for a traffic study at the Cresswind entrance last year, sympathized Monday with residents struggling to turn left against traffic.

“It takes a while to get out — you just don’t want to take any chances,” Powell said. “You just have to make sure you look both ways very well and time your merge onto that busy road.”

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