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Rabid cat comes into contact with humans
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Local animal control officials are still investigating a case of rabies discovered in Oakwood this week and are alerting area residents to a possible threat in the area.
Hall County Animal Control said the rabies was discovered in a domesticated cat Wednesday in the Valley Court area of Oakwood.

Before it was contained, the infected animal came into contact with three people, according to Hall County Animal Control Supervisor Mike Ledford.

It is the first human contact with rabies reported in Hall County in two years, Ledford said, but it is the only incident in recent memory in which a domesticated animal with rabies came into contact with a human.

The previous rabies incident occurred when a rabid raccoon came into contact with a human, Ledford said.

Ledford said he did not know the status of those affected, but said the cat playfully scratched and bit the people while it could have been infected with the virus.

A news release from the county advises anyone who sees an animal acting abnormally in the Valley Court area of Oakwood to contact Hall County Animal Services at 770-531-6830 or Hall County Dispatch at 770-536-8812.


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