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Property taxes going up, up, up for some Hall residents
Tax digest grows about 6.5 percent
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Some residents of Hall County, particularly those with lakefront homes, are likely to get sticker shock when they receive their property tax assessment notices in the coming week. 

Residential, agricultural and personal property notices are to be mailed today, and contain the assessed value of taxable property and an estimate of this year’s tax bill. Notices for about 4,200 commercial and industrial properties in Hall County were mailed in April. 

The residential notices come on the heels of a reassessment of 6,558 lakefront properties, which promises higher taxes for some owners. 

According to the county tax assessor’s office, about 90 percent of these properties will see an increase in their assessed value. The average increase is 39 percent, or about $104,000. Sales of homes drive the adjustments, officials said. 

That increase equates to a more than $1,000 hike in taxes owed, on average, officials said. 

At a Hall County Board of Assessors meeting Wednesday, members acknowledged the likelihood of having to deal with “mad wet hens” — property owners upset about the valuation given to their property. 

Of the 4,200 commercial and industrial notices mailed, 45 appeals have been made thus far.

By comparison, there are more than 76,000 residential, agricultural and personal property notices being mailed. There were 2,700 appeals made last year. 

The re-evaluation of properties primarily accounts for a 6.58 percent increase in the overall tax digest, or taxable properties, over the last year. 

Because the property tax rate has not yet been determined for the next year, the estimates in the notices are based on the assessed value and last year’s tax rate. 

Property owners have until June 30 to appeal the property valuation, but cannot protest the estimated tax. Appeal information, interactive appeal forms and FAQs can be found on the Hall County Tax Assessors Office website,

Questions about the notices or the appeal process can be directed to the Hall County Tax Assessors Office by email at, by phone at 770-531-6720, or in person at the Hall County Government Center, 2875 Browns Bridge Road, Gainesville.

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