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Pool safety in focus during the summer
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During the hot summer months, a swimming pool can be one of the most fun and relaxing places to be, especially for kids.But a pool can also be dangerous.According to the Centers for Disease Control, children ages 1 to 4 have the highest drowning rates, most occurring in pools.Though not knowing how to swim is certainly a risk factor in drowning deaths, another leading risk is an absence of barriers to the water.Georgia state law requires a 4-foot fence to surround all pools more than 24 inches deep.“A lot of people who have pools in their backyards in Gainesville don’t know that they have to have a fence around it or they don’t want to know,” said Gary Kansky, Gainesville city code enforcement manager.Some people don’t want to build a fence around their pool because they think it is unattractive. But Kansky said people always comply once they are notified that it is a matter of safety.“You have to get it through your head that if a child or an animal drowns in your pool, what could you have done to prevent it?” Kansky said.Most of the time code enforcement officers investigate after a complaint is made.