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Trump snub no cause for concern, Sen. Butch Miller says
Butch Miller 2021
Georgia State Sen. Butch Miller, R-Gainesville, speaks on the legislative session's first day on Monday, Jan. 11, 2021, in Atlanta. - photo by Associated Press

Donald Trump released a statement Wednesday night saying he will not support Sen. Butch Miller, R-Gainesville, in his campaign for lieutenant governor in 2022, because of his “refusal to work with other Republican Senators on voter fraud and irregularities in the State.” 

Miller, who has seen strong fundraising numbers to start his campaign, said he is not worried about losing his support base because of Trump’s statement. 

“I think the people who donated previously to my campaign donated to my campaign with no anticipation of Donald Trump’s endorsement,” Miller said. “I don’t ever recall a president of the United States endorsing or not endorsing a lieutenant governor candidate.”

Miller said he has not had any contact with Trump recently and suspects that Trump has bad information about him and his campaign. 

“They’ve given him bad information for their ulterior motives,” Miller said. “They falsely claimed that I refused to take cause. That is categorically untrue. … I continue to investigate and use every means possible to investigate the 2020 election.”

Miller wrote a letter Thursday, July 15, to the Fulton County Elections Board, asking them to explain how 200 ballots were scanned twice, potentially leading to extra votes counted. 

“Recent news reports have, again, called into question the integrity of the ballot reporting process in Fulton County,” Miller wrote. “I hope that the Fulton County Board of Elections takes these concerns seriously and provides accurate and timely answers. We expect, and the citizens of Georgia deserve, no less.” 

The letter asks the board to state whether extra votes were redundantly added to Fulton County audit results.

Miller began his campaign in late May of this year with a focus on criminal justice reform and maintaining current conservative policies in the state. Miller also sponsored controversial voting legislation SB 202, which passed the Georgia General Assembly during the 2021 legislative session. The voting laws included reducing the number of ballot drop boxes, enforcing new voter ID requirements for absentee voters and banning distributing food to people waiting in line to vote.

“The voters of Georgia care about issues and the plan for the future of the state more than they care about endorsements,” Miller said.