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Michael Boggus of Commerce running for 9th District seat in U.S. House
02192020 BOGGUS 1.jpg
Michael Boggus

Michael Boggus of Commerce is running for Georgia’s 9th District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Boggus, a Republican, identifies as a “devout constitutionalist,” according to his website. He has worked as a crane operator.

“He is a firm believer in prioritizing patriotism over political partisanship and corporate funding, and anticipates bringing that revitalized message of the American people back into Congress,” according to his campaign announcement.

He hopes to reduce taxation on the middle class, address pharmaceutical companies’ control over the economy, encourage entrepreneurship and defend Second Amendment rights, according to his announcement.

“Michael brings a refreshing, populist message to politics, in the hopes of reminding the government that its responsibility is to protect and defend the rights of Americans, rather than restrict them,” according to his announcement.

In November 2019, he traveled to Washington D.C. to deliver a list of grievances to several senators.

“Now, with political experience, blue-collar work ethic, and populist appeal under his belt, Michael looks forward to the future opportunity that he has in serving the American people in Congress,” his announcement reads. “Through the continued support of patriotic, middle class Americans, he can serve as a reckoning force in a political sphere previously dominated by corporate interests and partisan pawns, and make ‘We the People’ the predominant slogan of the American government, once again.”

Boggus and his wife Maggie have two daughters, Alyssa and Madison. Boggus grew up in Gainesville.