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Here’s a look at the GOP runoff candidates in the 9th District U.S. House race
Andrew Clyde and Matt Gurtler
Andrew Clyde, left, and Matt Gurtler

Andrew Clyde and Matt Gurtler face each other in the Aug. 11 runoff for the U.S. House 9th District Republican nomination. 

Here’s a look at each candidate and where they stand on key issues: 


Andrew Clyde 

Age: 56 

Occupation: gun store owner 

Political experience: first run for office 

Residence: Jackson County 


Matt Gurtler 

Age: 31 

Occupation: home builder 

Political experience: has served two terms as Georgia’s House District 8 representative 

Residence: Tiger 


National economy 

Clyde: “President Trump has done more to promote economic prosperity in this nation than any president since Ronald Reagan. This pandemic has created challenges, but I know President Trump can get our economy roaring again. In Congress, I will help him push his free-market, America-first agenda.” 

Gurtler: “We’ve got to get the economy back going. With the stimulus bills, I don’t know how this is sustainable. We keep adding to the national debt. Our founding fathers said the greatest threat to our national security is the public debt … and we keep kicking the can down the road, so it’s very concerning.” 

COVID-19 response 

Clyde: “Our president and governor have both done an incredible job navigating this unique crisis. I am proud of Governor Kemp for having the courage to reopen our state. We must keep our country open to ensure our economy recovers and, as Americans, use common sense when it comes to battling this virus. Sick and vulnerable people should act accordingly by sheltering in place or social distancing, but I don't believe we need government mandates crushing our small businesses.” 

Gurtler: “We don’t want to infringe upon people’s rights. I’m promoting personal responsibility and social distancing. That’s what we should be doing. I don’t believe in mandating masks or … shutting down of businesses. I think people should decide that on their own, as long as they’re being personally responsible for the people around them. … This is a serious issue, but we also have to understand our rights don’t get taken away because we have a pandemic.” 

Racial equality/police reform issues 

Clyde: “I believe all people are created equal by God and we are one race, the human race. I believe America is a place where we can denounce the evils of racism, preserve our history and support our law enforcement. Don't let the liberal national media convince you that we can't do all three at the same time.” 

Gurtler: “We don’t need to be defunding our police whatsoever. You have to have rule of law. We have to stand with our law enforcement 100%. We need to get back to civility. We see this throughout our country, and it’s absolutely crazy what the left is doing is doing destroying things and trying to destroy our history.” 

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