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Here’s a look at the Democratic runoff candidates in the 9th District U.S. House race
Devin Pandy and Brooke Siskin
Devin Pandy, left, and Brooke Siskin

Devin Pandy and Brooke Siskin face each other in the Aug. 11 runoff for the U.S. House 9th District Democratic nomination. 

Here’s a look at each candidate and where they stand on key issues: 


Devin Pandy 

Age: 46 

Occupation: retired from U.S. Army 

Political experience: first run for office 

Residence: Commerce 


Brooke Siskin 

Age: 51 

Occupation: small business owner and social activist 

Political experience: unsuccessfully sought House seat in 2012 

Residence: Gainesville  


National economy 

Pandy: The pandemic and (economy) “are directly tied,” and that means people need to “be wearing masks, socially distancing, getting tested and making sure their kids understand the importance of that and are doing it as well. And that they are encouraging their friends to do it, as well.”  

Siskin: “This economy … is getting worse, and as the COVID-19 (cases) go up, there may be more people out of work. So, we need to pass (more stimulus) that’s going to give more aid to our citizens. Small businesses are suffering. I’m very pro-small business, and I feel like they need the most help.” 

COVID-19 response 

Pandy: “I would hope that everyone would look more to what our professionals giving scientific data are telling us … and not looking to any individual without appropriate experience or background to tell us what they want us to believe. This is a pandemic. The best way to get us back to opening up … is by wearing those masks.” 

Siskin: “I feel as if there should be a task force of medical individuals that can give more information out on this virus and the importance of wearing a mask and the latest on testing and all that. These are uncertain times, and we need to have people that are leaders concerned about what’s happening in our society, so we don’t put more people at risk.” 

Racial equality/police reform issues 

Pandy: “We are moving to give Black Americans the rights they deserve, but it’s not going to stop there. After that, we have to look at every other marginalized group in this country. We have to make sure indigenous people have their rights restored, and (make) sure that the LGBTQ community has the same civil rights as everyone else.” 

Siskin: “Growing up in the South, I realize that people are set in their ways. But we have to think about we’ve come to this point in our lives where inequality is being shown. … There should be (more federal legislation), but where I think (change) will come from is the Supreme Court, which makes the laws of the land.” 

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