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Andrew Clyde wins re-election to US House 9th District seat
Andrew Clyde.jpg
Andrew Clyde

Incumbent U.S. Rep. Andrew Clyde, R-Athens, has won a second, two-year term in the U.S. House 9th District, handily defeating Democrat Mike Ford. The Jackson County resident was drawn out of the district following the 2020 census but still chose to run in the 9th.

US House 9th District, 86% reporting

  • Andrew Clyde  75%
  • Mike Ford  25%

Who is he: Clyde is a gun store owner and first won election in 2020.

How he reacted: “I’m very pleased with the results and very humbled by the turnout in the 9th District. I’ve always been a representative who believes the government should serve the people and not the people serve the government. I think the people have spoken.” He added he has stressed constituent services and “I think (residents) responded to that.”

On the issues: Clyde supports House Republicans’ “Commitment to America” plan, a four-pronged platform outlining party goals, including “an economy that’s strong.” On the Ukraine war, he believes “it’s very important not to allow Russia to eliminate Ukraine’s sovereignty. I think (Russian President Vladimir) Putin’s end game is to restore the Russian dominion over that area.”

What’s next: Clyde’s second term begins Jan. 1.