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Political activists gather for MoveOn rally
Group showing support for clean energy bill
Larry Stouffer speaks to a group supporting the American Clean Energy and Security Act on Wednesday in the parking lot of the local office of Congressman Nathan Deal. - photo by Tom Reed

Members of the political action group rallied outside of Rep. Nathan Deal’s Gainesville office Wednesday in support of the American Clean Energy and Security Act.

The group came to express their support of the bill to their congressman.

A variety of people from different backgrounds were present at the event.

"This isn’t about Republicans or Democrats. Everybody in this country’s being affected by this," said Jen D. Rafanan, a MoveOn member from Gainesville.

The clean energy legislation aims to create jobs, help end dependence on foreign oil and combat global warming, according to the Committee on Energy and Commerce Web site.

North Hall High School senior Chase Staub said he supports the bill because it will affect the future of his generation.

"We’re hearing all the time how they expect foreign oil to run out ... within my lifetime," Staub said.

More immediately, he said it is important to support the bill because it will fund education and create jobs in renewable energy sources.

"A lot of the money is going toward educating today’s students," Staub said. "This is a new career opportunity."

Larry Stouffer, whose business installs solar features into homes, said solar energy is very available in the South.

"This is technology that’s real. It’s here, it’s sitting on the shelves," Stouffer said. "Solar is our gift from the gods. We really need to take advantage of it."

Tom Colkett, a member of from Cumming, said he is especially hoping the bill will not be weakened.

"The stronger the bill is the stronger the response is going to be in the economy," Colkett said.

Though Deal has not yet taken a concrete position on the bill, the group hopes he will take their concerns into consideration.

Chairman Henry A. Waxman and Subcommittee Chairman Edward J. Markey of the Energy and Commerce Committee introduced the bill. The committee began the markup, or editing process, of the bill on May 18 and will complete consideration before the Memorial Day recess.