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Police: 2016 home invasion suspect identified through fingerprints
Edricus Jumario Mayfield 2018
Edricus Jumario Mayfield

Almost two years after a Gainesville home invasion, police got a hit on a set of fingerprints and arrested a suspect.

Gainesville Police were investigating a June 30, 2016, home invasion and sexual assault case at a Vineyard Way apartment complex.

“During the initial incident, we were able to obtain physical evidence, one being prints. We ran those prints through the system initially (and) did not get any returns,” Sgt. Kevin Holbrook said.

The department’s crime scene technicians routinely run the prints through the system.

In recent months, Holbrook said Edricus Jumario Mayfield, 18, of Flowery Branch, was arrested on unrelated charges and fingerprinted by authorities.

“When our crime scene technician ran the prints again, it came back with a hit for him,” Holbrook said.

Investigators took out warrants for Mayfield Thursday, April 26.  He was booked Saturday, April 28, in to the Hall County Jail, where he remains.

Mayfield is charged with home invasion, aggravated sexual battery, attempted rape, kidnapping and third-degree child cruelty.

According to the warrants, Mayfield allegedly entered the residence and bruised the victim’s arms “while in possession of a baseball bat.”

The child cruelty charge alleges this happened in the presence of two children.

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