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Plans made for Enota, Centennial students 2017-18 class space
Schools will share Centennials campus during building of new Enota school
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All students from Centennial Arts Academy and Enota Multiple Intelligence Academy will be housed in four buildings at Centennial during the 2017-18 school year.

Gainesville City Schools Superintendent Wanda Creel said the main building, the addition at Centennial and the two Enota modules will house all the students.

The key to the transition will be keeping things as simple as possible, Creel said.

Some students from Centennial were rezoned for the new Mundy Mill Academy in South Hall, so there will be more room for students to move around.

Children in second through fifth grades at Centennial will move to the newly built addition next week, while Enota students will move to Centennial’s campus in August and stay for the whole 2017-18 school year while a new Enota school is built.

Both kindergartens for the schools will be housed in the main building.

If you are facing the building, the right side will be for kindergarten through first-grade Centennial students, while the left side will be for kindergarten and fourth-grade and fifth-grade Enota students.

Enota students in first through third grade will be in the two modular buildings, one of which has eight classroom and the other with 12.

The front office for Enota will be in the modular closest to the transportation department, while Centennial’s office will be in the main building.

The addition has an art and music room, which will be used by the Centennial students.

Enota students will use the art room in the main building, but the current music room will be used as a multipurpose room.

Recess is yet to be determined, but there are some plans in mind.

“Both schools will utilize outside P.E. as much as possible,” Creel said.

Leadership teams from both schools, with input from teachers, will decide what the recess schedule will look like.

“We’re hoping to have similar age groups out there at the same time,” Creel said.

The current playground will be used, as well as a playground at the Ninth Grade Center, the marching field and practice field at the high school when they aren’t using it.

Centennial pick-up and drop-off lines will remain the same along Century Place.

Enota parents will be asked to drop their kids off at the drop-off location by the modular next to the transportation department. An awning for students to walk between the drop-off and where Enota students are on the Centennial campus will hopefully be installed over the summer, Creel said.

Parents will enter from Woodsmill Road into the transportation department, which will move the vehicles currently in the way, and make a left out of the department to head back up Woodsmill Road.

The Ninth Grade Center’s parents take the same route an hour later. The Ninth Grade Center may also be used to make some of the breakfasts and lunches for the students.

The plan right now is to make the food out of Centennial’s cafeterias, but some classes will have to eat in their classrooms on a rotational basis. Lunch will have to start five minutes earlier than normal to accommodate everyone.

These changes will be explained further in a flier to be sent out with parents at the kindergarten open house this week.

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