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Pam Tebow urges crowd to be voice for unborn
QBs mom shares story of her own pregnancy at gala
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Pam Tebow was in her 30s, living in the Philippines and recovering from amoebic dysentery when her husband, Bob, asked the family to pray for a son named Timothy.

“Our (other) children were really excited and so they got on bended knee,” she said. “I, however, took a couple of days.”

Tebow was speaking at the annual gala for Choices Pregnancy Center at First Baptist Church in Gainesville on Thursday, with around 700 people in attendance.

“From the beginning, it was a difficult pregnancy,” she said. “We went to the best doctor in town, and she did some tests.”

The doctor told the Tebows the baby was “a mass of fetal tissue” — basically, a tumor. The doctor advised abortion, but for the Tebows, that was not an option.

“If God had taken my life in childbirth, he would still be God with me,” Tebow said. “But he miraculously spared my life and the life of our son.”

Tebow’s son would grow up to become Tim Tebow, former quarterback for the Denver Broncos and New York Jets. He was the 2007 Heisman Trophy winner, playing for the University of Florida.

She shared four points with the audience — that we all have one master in God, the Bible is the manual of our lives, we have to have a biblical mindset and we must be prepared for the mission God has in store for every individual.

“Babies are being discarded,” Tebow said. “Abortion affects all of us. It affects every community, every neighborhood, every office, every school. It affects all of us. We all have to face the reality of abortion.

“We get to be a voice for those precious, unborn babies who have no voice of their own,” she added. “What a privilege we have. We can tell our stories. We can be a voice.”

The care center provides services such as ultrasounds, testing for sexually transmitted diseases, group support for single mothers and post-abortion support and treatment for both women and men.

“It’s so encouraging to know that you are standing by our side every day when we open the doors,” Executive Director Ann Gainey said to the audience. “Your gifts make you a part of all God does.”

She said that, in 2013, 52 children were “rescued” after their mothers did not choose abortion.

“Think about it,” she said. “That’s one a week for every week of the year. Just kind of absorb that.”

By the end of the evening, more than $167,000 was raised. The group’s overall fundraising goal this year is $400,000, Gainey said.

“Our theme for 2014 is ‘flourishing forward,’” she said. “And our verse we have chosen from John 17:4 is ‘I have brought you glory on the earth by finishing the work you gave me to do.’”