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Overloaded extension cord caused New Holland fire
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An extension cord used for multiple items is what started a fire at a New Holland home on Jan. 2, Hall County Fire Services officials said.

The accidental blaze at 46 Mill St. destroyed the duplex that was home to a family of four.

“It is pretty common for occupants to use extension cords in older homes that may not have adequate electrical outlets,” Hall County Fire Marshal Capt. Scott Cagle said in a news release. “Of course we recommend against this practice as it will eventually lead to fires.”

Improper use of an extension cord also caused a small fire at about 6 a.m. Tuesday at 25 Branch St., east of Gainesville. A smoke alarm awoke the residents who put the fire out with a fire extinguisher, exited the home and called 911, Cagle said.

“This was a ‘textbook’ call where the smoke alarm did its job and the residents did too, by safely extinguishing the small fire and exiting the structure,” Cagle said.

A space heater was plugged into the extension cord. The only damage was to a couch and minor smoke damage to the structure, Cagle said.


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