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Officer will be shocked if alleged sucker punch death goes to trial
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The arresting officer says the case looks so strong against a man accused of murder in the alleged sucker punch death of an unsuspecting victim at a Braselton bar earlier this month that he’d “be shocked” if the case goes to trial.

Although the accused, 40-year-old David Allen Digiacomo, of Flowery Branch, has the right to a trial by a jury of his peers, Braselton Assistant Police Chief Lou Solis told The Times on Tuesday that a plea deal would be a more likely scenario.

Solis, who arrested Digiacomo Dec. 16, said a video of the unprovoked sucker punch delivered against the victim — 34-year-old Clint Roshan Ali — along with the recorded statement given to police by Digiacomo would likely end in some kind of plea deal.

“I’ll be shocked if this goes to trial,” Solis said.

Based on what he saw in the video, Solis said it was enough to arrest Digiacomo and charge him with murder. Police also charged the suspect with aggravated assault and obstruction of justice.

However, Solis said it would be up to the Barrow County District Attorney’s Office to determine what charges to formally file against Digiacomo.

“If there’s anything they (the D.A.’s Office) need to talk about in this case, we’ll be ready to do that,” Solis said.

Barrow District Attorney Brad Smith could not be reached for comment. However, his office confirmed that  Digiacomo has yet to be indicted.

A video of the alleged assault at Jack’s Bar and Grill off Ga. 211 was released to news outlets and has been viewed by thousands online.

Digiacomo was seen approaching the victim, who was distracted in front of a jukebox making selections. Without any warning, Digiacomo wound up and landed a right punch to the side of the victim’s face.

Ali collapsed to the floor and was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Solis said Digiacomo attacked Ali after a friend who accompanied him to the bar pointed at Ali and said Ali had threatened him with a gun. The friend later told police that he never expected Digiacomo would react the way he did.

“We could never corroborate the friend’s story about being threatened with a gun by Ali,” Solis said. “They only guy who could tell us anything about that is dead.”