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Oakwood points the way with new signs
The City of Oakwood has new signs to help travelers find destinations throughout the city. Businesses pay a fee to be included.

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How much: $25 fee, $100 annual renewal fee
Contact: Oakwood City Manager Stan Brown, 770-534-2365

Oakwood wants to help direct visitors to its destinations.

The city council passed a resolution in December implementing the Wayfinding Sign Program, which provides city-owned signs giving direction to attractions in Oakwood.

“A lot of communities have done this,” said Oakwood City Manager Stan Brown. “In order for visitors in the community to find locations on your major thoroughfares, they are going with a sign to route people to different locations.”

Brown said there are already two signs in the city, located on Mundy Mill Road. One is near the intersection with Mundy Mill Drive and points toward the Best Western Plus, and the other is at the corner with Oakwood Road and points to Camping World.

“Those two locations worked with us on a pilot program where we did a couple signs,” Brown said. “Basically, they have a city of Oakwood logo at the top and then plates underneath with directional information, or the Best Western logo and an arrow pointing to how to get to Best Western.”

Brown said the signs provide consistency in the city.

“You don’t have just a hodge-podge of signs out there,” he said. “It’s a very standardized look.”

The sign locations are approved by the city manager, and interested leaders of destinations can participate on a first-come, first-served application basis.

Destinations must be located in the city of Oakwood, be in compliance with all requirements of the city’s code of ordinances and be current with all taxes and fees due to the city.

“It’s for businesses who wish to be a part of it, or other destinations,” Brown said. “We’ll probably have city hall, the YMCA, maybe the library. Things like that, that are not just businesses but destinations people are trying to get to.”

There is an application process with a $25 fee and additional fees once a business is approved and room is available on a sign. The program is geared to run at no net cost to the city.

“We’ll have a fee that those who wish to participate will basically pay their fair share of the cost,” Brown said.

Annually, participating destinations will also have the opportunity to renew participation with a $100 renewal fee. Brown said he already has interest from about eight local entities. Now that the policy is approved and in place, they can begin to accept applications.

The program is special because it will help not only the city by streamlining and simplifying appearances, but it will help local businesses as well.

“This is just a way to have some uniform signage to help the motorists and visitors get to their destinations,” Brown said. “... It’s something we can manage and make sure that we have good uniformity that doesn’t become a distraction on the road for the motorist.”