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North Georgia Christian to move to Flowery Branch
School will relocate this fall
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North Georgia Christian School will have a presence in Flowery Branch come the fall of this year.

Over the weekend, school officials announced their plans to move from their Thompson Bridge Road facility to a space at Chestnut Mountain Church in Flowery Branch.

“We had the opportunity, as we looked to move to that area, to take advantage of a tremendous facility that will allow our students to grow and develop without compromising our vision and standards for them,” said Frank McKay, the school’s director of development.

The school was already planning a move from Gainesville to South Hall, but is making the transition a year earlier than expected because of the availability of the facility.

Plans originally were to build a new facility by fall 2013.

Those plans are still on the table, but officials say this move will give them time to plan more carefully.

“That gives us more time for better planning and better preparation for a new facility where we won’t have to compromise any of our desires for classroom space or athletic fields and so forth,” McKay said.

That facility, McKay said, should become a reality in the next three years.

Currently, the school enrolls just more than 200 students and hopes are the number will increase to around 750 in the next decade.

“We have a vision that God will grow this school to a student population that will be much larger than this facility can hold,” McKay said. “We think that will happen with our own presence and our own campus.”

School officials say the Flowery Branch facility will allow them to have a presence in an area where many target families live.

“We know that the area has a tremendous number of families where we think we can have an impact as an institution of Christian education,” McKay said.

The Chestnut Mountain facility will help with that community integration.

“This will help us transition because we know we want to be down in that area,” said Carol Cox, head of the school.
The school has been housed at the Gainesville facility for 14 years.

It will completely move operations to Flowery Branch.

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