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No more ice, just rain in forecast for weekend
Temperatures on the rise as showers, higher temps settle in
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A lake in Habersham County is largely iced over Saturday morning after a week of winter storms and frigid temperatures. - photo by Michelle Boaen Jameson

North Georgia was braced for a second winter storm Friday night, but forecasts of ice accumulation didn't materialize in most areas.

Light snow fell in the area Friday night, leaving a light dusting on surfaces in some areas. A swath of sleet and freezing rain moved through overnight but left no icing problems on roads and trees. Some sleet fell in Gainesville on Saturday morning, but left no visible accumulation.

More evidence of the snow and ice could be seen farther north, where some accumulation remains on the ground. Most of the icing problems that did occur were in the northwestern corner of the state.

Temperatures have nosed up above freezing in Gainesville and are expected to stay there through the weekend, rising into the 40s today with a chance of rain. Showers are likeliy to continue tonight and carry into Sunday, with temperatures headed back into the 50s during the day.

As of Friday, Jackson EMC said power had been restored to all homes that suffered outages from the ice storm that struck Monday night.

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