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New code enforcer will also help with building inspections in Oakwood
05142019 OAKWOOD 1.jpg
Two-story cottages are under construction Monday, May 13, 2019, off Frontage Road near the University of North Georgia in Oakwood. Oakwood is hiring a new code enforcement officer that will also serve as a building inspector to help the city keep up with all the residential growth that’s been happening. - photo by Scott Rogers

Oakwood is planning to hire a new code enforcement officer, but the employee won’t be looking for just property violations.

The new employee will be taking on more of a community development role, as building inspector duties will be added to the post.

Driving the change is more of a refocus of the police department, where code enforcement duties had been performed — that is, until a couple of recent retirements gave the city a chance to reassess the job.

“I’d rather be doing policing than chasing down illegal signs,” City Manager Stan Brown said Monday, May 13, after the Oakwood City Council voted to amend the city’s budget to fill the position.

Still, in retooling the job description, the city saw an opportunity to add building inspections to the title, especially given the city’s recent boom in residential construction.

Oakwood currently has a private company, Bureau Veritas, handling building inspections.

“There was a period of time, when things were kind of slack, it didn’t make much sense to have an on-board building inspector,” Brown said.

Bureau Veritas will “still handle (inspections at) apartment complexes, commercial, industrial and office (developments),” Brown said.

The new employee could do “our single-family residential, duplex-type of construction,” he told the council.

“Building inspections is something we definitely can carve off the contract (with Bureau Veritas),” Brown said.

The company gets paid on a case-by-case basis.

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