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New Braselton salon highlights cleanliness; owners adjust to Parkside failure
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Rona Falls envisions the interior of her upcoming salon, Frenchies Modern Nail Care, which will open in mid-August. - photo by Kelsey Podo

Eric and Rona Falls, who moved in 2017 from the Philippines to Gainesville, aim to shake up the nail care scene in Hall County.

They intend to open the area’s first Frenchies Modern Nail Care in mid-August, which is a franchise dedicated to hospital-grade nail sanitation. The studio is located off of Winder Highway in Braselton between Arby's and Dunkin Donuts.

“Frenchies’ concept is all about cleanliness,” Rona Falls, co-owner of the business said. “Our vision is to revolutionize the nail care industry by providing that kind of healthy nail care to our guests.”

In addition to soaking all the nail tools for 10 minutes in Barbicide, a disinfectant solution, Rona Falls said she puts the metal implements into an autoclave machine.

Autoclaves are pressure chambers used in the medical industry for sterilization.

“It’s the same machine used to sanitize hospital and dental tools,” Rona Falls said. “We then put the implements in baggies and seal them, so a new set is opened for every customer.”

06212019 NAIL 2.jpg
From left, Rona, Lizzy and Eric Falls moved from the Philippines to Gainesville in 2017, and plan to open up Hall County’s first Frenchies Modern Nail Care by the end of the summer. - photo by Kelsey Podo

After a customer leaves from having a pedicure, nail technicians then wash the foot tub and soak it in Barbicide for 10 minutes.

Instead of first stopping by a wall of nail polish at a nail salon, Frenchies has a “scent wall” where customers take a whiff of the store’s fragrance options.

The scent that people choose will reflect the type of lotion and scrub used during their nail appointment. Rona Falls said all of the products at the studio, including the polish, lotions and scrubs, are vegan and cruelty free.

First time visitors will receive a tour of the studio, which includes the breakroom and area where the staff cleans all the supplies.

“We want to be very transparent with our guests with what we bring with our cleanliness,” Rona Falls said. “Our brand is all about cleanliness and we take it very seriously.”

At Frenchies, people can expect a high ceiling, bright lighting, modern furniture and lively music. One section of the building is dedicated to hosting events like bridal showers and birthday parties.

Rona Falls said she encourages her team to only speak English in the studio to stay engaged and build better relationships with guests.

Athens currently has the only open Frenchies location in Georgia. Rona Falls said more Frenchies businesses will pop up in the state within the year, including one in Atlanta.  

Eric Falls, co-owner and husband of Rona Falls, said the two have plans to open a second location in Gainesville.

Before the multi-use development was terminated, Eric Falls signed a lease for a Frenchies at Parkside on the Square in downtown Gainesville. Since the building’s construction didn’t pan out, the two now are looking for other places to open the second business.

“I signed the lease knowing it was a year or two out,” Eric Falls said. “We would’ve loved it.”

Eric Falls, who grew up in Gainesville, said the inspiration behind becoming a franchise owner sparked from his desire to become more connected to the community.

His work at a customer contact center company relocated him to Manila, the Philippines’ capital from 2009-2017. There he met and married Rona Falls, and she gave birth to their daughter, Lizzy.

Eric Falls returned with his family to Gainesville and they started looking for opportunities to immerse themselves in the community. When Eric presented the idea of owning a Frenchies franchise, Rona lit up.

“Every girl has something that they do for themselves, mine is nails,” Rona Falls said. “Since we moved here, I haven’t found a single nail salon in our area that I can go to and feel comfortable.”

When people visit Frenchies, she hopes they feel welcome and confident in the store’s dedication to cleanliness.

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