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Murder suspect from 2014 stabbing death indicted; charges added
Ofelia Barrera-Rodriguez

A Gainesville woman was indicted on a malice murder charge relating to a 2014 stabbing death.

Ofelia Barrera-Rodriguez, 49, was charged Nov. 12 in alleged connection to the death of Iris Romero-Banegas the year before.

Romero-Banegas’ body was found with multiple stab wounds Dec. 28, 2014, in a Hidden Knoll home in North Hall by Hall County Sheriff’s Office deputies

Authorities said they questioned Barrera-Rodriguez after trace evidence from the Dec. 28, 2014, scene was tested at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

“We’re reviewing the case and conducting our own investigation of everything,” Barrera-Rodriguez’s attorney Matt Leipold said. “Ms. Barrera maintains her innocence. She’s not a murderer, and we look forward to having the opportunity to present this case to a jury of her peers.”

Investigators previously testified at Barrera-Rodriguez’s committal hearing that Romero-Banegas was the new girlfriend of Barrera-Rodriguez’s ex-boyfriend.

According to the warrants, Barrera-Rodriguez allegedly confronted Romero-Banegas at her Hidden Knoll home.

In addition to the malice murder charge, the grand jury indicted Barrera-Rodriguez on charges of felony murder and aggravated assault. The aggravated assault charge in the indictment claims Barrera-Rodriguez cut and stabbed Romero-Banegas with a knife.

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