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Motor vehicle renewal notices won't have billing info in December
Residents have 5 ways to pay bill
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If your birthday is in December, you may need to take note of a statewide change.

The Georgia Department of Revenue will not mail standard registration renewal notices in December. Instead, the department will send generic reminder letters.

“They were not issued by the state as normally done because of a change in print vendors,” said Hall County Tax Commissioner Darla Eden. “If you remember, we had a delay back in October. October’s went out late, now December’s are not going out at all for individuals. They are sending a reminder notice if you have a birthday in December.”

The reminder letters will not have the same billing information typically provided on renewal notices, such as the amount due.

Instead, the letter will have instructions to retrieve a Renewal Identification Number, or RIN, to find out the amount due and to pay online.

“It’s not a really true bill,” Eden explained. “Because they do not have the millage rates and the amounts due on the reminder. This is a true reminder.”

In a release, Eden said renewal notices are a courtesy that Hall has been “fortunate enough to have approved in our budget,” but tax commissioners are not required to offer the service.

“We believe it's a win-win for us and our residents as we realize that sometimes life gets busy and we forget,” she said of the standard renewal form.

Eden said so far, it looks like January notices will return to the standard form. But December’s notices, already prepared, will not be. She said she wanted to give local residents and vehicle owners some notice about the change.

“We’ve never had this happen before,” she said. “Never.”

All vehicle registration must be renewed by the expiration date, or the date of the first listed owner’s birthday.

Eden’s office gives Hall County residents five ways to renew motor vehicle registrations:

• Online: At or through the state department website,

• In person: Renewals can be processed by members of Eden’s staff on the first floor of the Hall County Government Center, located at 2875 Browns Bridge Road in Gainesville.

• Drop boxes: A drop box is located at the front door entrance to the government center for after-hours payment. Another box is in the lobby of tax commissioner’s office, for those who do not wish to wait during regular business hours.

• By mail: To Hall County Tax Commissioner, PO Box 1579, Gainesville, GA 30503

• Self-service kiosk: The newest form of tag renewals is the kiosk at North Hall Community Center on Nopone Road, available during the center’s regular operating hours, including nights and weekends.

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