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More charges for man accused of QuikTrip robbery
Demontae Cortez Lassiter.jpg
Demontae Cortez Lassiter

A man already facing charges from an alleged April robbery in South Hall had new charges added in Hall County State Court, according to court documents.

Demontae Cortez Lassiter, 29, of Durham, North Carolina, was charged Sept. 26 with two counts of simple battery and two counts of obstruction of an officer.

Lassiter was previously arrested April 3 after he allegedly punched two people and robbed the QuikTrip on Friendship Road, according to Hall County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Derreck Booth.

Lassiter then allegedly crashed his vehicle while attempting to elude officers and resisted arrest, Booth said.

He has been in the Hall County Jail since then.

According to the State Court accusation, Lassiter allegedly struck two different officers in the face May 1.

Defense attorney Andre Robertson did not return a request for comment Thursday, Oct. 3.

A motion for psychiatric evaluation was filed Aug. 7 in Lassiter’s robbery case. The North Carolina man had been previously declared insane and ordered confined to a mental health facility after charges in his home state.

According to reports published in The Warren Record in 2015, Lassiter was arrested and charged with a string of felonies after a bizarre incident in May of 2014 in which he allegedly tried to stop several motorists, eventually taking a vehicle with children inside. According to the newspaper, a psychiatrist testified that Lassiter was schizophrenic and thought his mother was dying and that he was seeing devils.

A North Carolina judge later dismissed all the charges, which included kidnapping, robbery and assault on a law enforcement officer, and ordered Lassiter committed to a state psychiatric hospital.

Regarding the original Hall County charges, Booth previously told The Times the suspect punched a customer at the QuikTrip and then was “forcing his way behind the counter and grabbing money” from the register.

The suspect sped away from the convenience store in an Acura MDX toward I-985 and did not comply with arriving officers’ commands to stop, according to Booth.

“Still in the SUV, the man sped around deputies and hit the concrete median on Friendship Road. The wreck disabled the vehicle at Bristol Industrial Way,” Booth wrote.

Lassiter faces charges of robbery by snatching, battery, obstruction of an officer and fleeing/eluding. The QuikTrip money was found in Lassiter’s vehicle, Booth said, but he did not specify how much money was taken.

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